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i'll tell you secret: i once stole an earring from someone i cared about so i could wear it and think of them

i'll tell you secret: i had a crush on gloria and i didn't say anything. if you read this gloria, let me know! 

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each website is 2 websites

1 read by humans, 1 read by robots

when we make websites, post photos, etc, we are talking to robots as much as we are talking to other people. robots already in our communities, guiding where we go, what we see. 
a Robots.txt tells search engines, “you can look at these parts of my site, but not these other sections."
it says welcome, come in! and also private! keep out! 

Cloaking is a spam/seo tactic where a script determined if a site visitor was a search engine or not.

If the script identified the visitor as a search engine, it would serve a different page to it. 

a knock comes at the door, looking through the keyhole to see who is there? when does a search engine come to visit? 

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pages from SPAM by Finn Brunton
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