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the web is an extension of the mind

spiders webs are not inert, they are extensions of their minds. when a bug is caught how does the spider know? the web is what does the telling.

via vibration, spiders know exactly when and where prey is caught, and will even tug at particular threads to make them tauter, and therefore more sensitive, when they want more information about a particular area. the hum in the web, in the spider body, is the same. 

the tug of the spider is attention.


when the spider is hungry, they will tug at all threads to make the whole web on high alert.


the spider/'s web is looking, seeking, scanning.

the web provides the nearly-blind spider with a spaitial awareness of the world vital for its survival.

If the web is extended cognition, alter the spider and you alter the web, alter the web and you alter the spider.   cut the web and what becomes of the spider? if some of the web is still in tact, the spider uses the remains like memory to rebuild. 

the Web is an extension of the mind.

our Web is the same. i extend my cognition, memory, self rippling out through the Web. my notes app, my google calendar, my facebook page. what does it remember that I cannot? looking through old emails i don’t remember writing, a self is saved that doesn’t exist anymore. 


i can download that self. i can put it on a flash drive.

who is that person in my venmo photo i have never updated? who is it that does splits the bill in the calculator app? who is it that catalogues every website i've ever visited? 

it is the Web, but wasn't it also me? the Web remembers, but aren't these my memories?

the Web looking, seeking, scanning.
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