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Zac Efron HSM

Zac Efron HSM wax figure

the rock with the rock wax figure

wax figures of important peope have been made for hundreds of years. the most contemporary version of this phenomenon is madame tussaud's wax museums around the world. 

they make lifelike wax models of politicians, actors, fictional characters, and historical figures alike, and people flock to the museums to take photographs with the fake versions of real famous people. 

i suppose if you can't get the real thing, a photo that someone might mistake as the real thing is the next best bet. 

people do things with the wax figures that they would never do with real people. raunchy poses, crowding in too close, holding hands, etc. 

just like with virtual influencers, holograms, and sex dolls, when people are able to interact with a person who is not really a person, and so the consquences are radically different, people behave in surprising (or not so surprising) ways. 

the figures not only copy celebrities, but capture certain versions of them, freeze them in time. zac efron is not troy bolton, but the version of him many people want to see is the one that starred in high school musical. even if you met him in real life, he could never give you that version of him. but a wax figure can. 

a doubling, tripling, quadrupaling of selves!