becoming virtual

becoming virtual

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teams of adults constructing and role playing influencers on instagram, usually as attractive young women. here we have konni violet, taiwan's virtual influencer, and lil miquela, the most famous one.

i am fascinated by them, and the growing followings they have. they are simultaneously not real and real. the line between physical and virtual blurs a bit more. 

with these women, you can say and do anything you want to them without "hurting" anybody. someone is sending these fake women dick pics, someone is falling in love with them. they are a place to project fantasy.


but i think creating women like these, who are not "people" has ramifications for people IRL. what is happening to our expectations for one another, will this diffuse harassment against real women or embolden it? who knows. 

that said, i think the projects are fascinating. i think our willingness to invest in mirages is fascinating. a huge reminder of the power of images.