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who is elvis? where is he? what happened to him after his “funeral”? 


elvis after elvis. i don’t have a ton of interest in elvis the musician and performer, his legacy riddled with appropriation and grooming. i am, however, incredibly interested in the myth of elvis that developed after his death. elvis as multiple, magnified, miraculous from the grave or beyond it. 


from the more earthly oddities such as elvis impersonators (elvis herselvis being my favorite, along with big elvis who claims to be the true elvis’ son and has a great voice, and bruno mars getting his start as a toddler elvis impersonator), elvis chapels where elvis marries you, graceland, and elvis holograms


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to the conspiracies that elvis is still alive. sightings reported around the world, though usually the us, with grainy photos claiming elvis is in memphis international airport, kalamazoo, or even the on the set of home alone.



to more far fetched conspiracies that he was working with the mafia, or in another story the FBI. 


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to the supernatural- elvis was in a cabin in the woods when a woman went hiking, he hadn’t aged, when she came back both the cabin and elvis had vanished. 


what is it about elvis that we cling to?

we replicate him, resurrect him, reify him. 

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elvis had a twin in the womb, jesse, who he absorbed. maybe thats where all his powers come from. even in his own body, he is doubled. he has always been doubled.


as for the body in the coffin, allegedly it was made of wax. 


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